Your Date Night Destination – Manning Town Centre

Manning Town Centre is your Northside destination for a unique and memorable date night! With drink, dinner, activity, and dessert options – you can customize the perfect Valentine’s Day for you and your partner all within our center!

Browns SocialHouse

Begin your evening at Browns SocialHouse, where the ambiance is as inviting as their delightful cocktails and delectable dinner options! The warm and modern setting provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate start to your date night. Whether it’s a cozy booth for two or a spot at the lively bar, Browns SocialHouse sets the stage for a delightful dining experience that
will kick off your Valentine’s night in style. Share some appetizers such as Kung Pao Lettuce Wraps or Loaded Nachos while sipping on a signature cocktail.


A trip to the cinema is a classic date night move! Head over to Cineplex to lose yourself in the latest blockbusters! After letting your date win a couple rounds at the arcade, grab a large popcorn for two and settle in. Indulge in the romantic comedy “Anyone But You”, check out the action packed “Madame Web” or be amazed by “Wonka”. Cuddle up, laugh together, and let debriefing the movie afterwards enhance the connection between you two!

Cocos Fresh Tea and Juice

Want to top the night off with a sweet refreshment? Head over to Coco Fresh Tea and Juice! They are open till 10pm every day and their refreshing drinks make the perfect treat for the drive home.! There are so many unique drink combinations, make it a game by taking turns ordering for one another and see what new drink you get to try or stick to their classics such as a Mango Slush or Brown Sugar Milk Tea!

As you wrap up your date night at Manning Town Centre, take with you the shared memories of new experiences and good company!With so many different options to choose from, you better start planning the next date now!

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