Stay At Home: Manning Town Centre’s Guide To Activities

Stay at Home

They say “there’s no place like home” and we couldn’t agree more.  Now that your home has also transformed into a centre for education, play, and work, finding the right balance can be tricky. To help ease into the new temporary norm, we asked the community (that’s you!) what activities have you been doing while at home? With the help of your responses, we put together a guide to help others find inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas! We are all in this together!

Activities To Do With Your FamilyActivities To Do With Your KidsActivities To Do With Your PartnerActivities To Do With Your Friends (Virtually)Activities To Do By Yourself
Have weekly game nights: a family member will choose the board game of the week to play.Act out a storybook in dramatic fashion.Order from your restaurant just like you would if it was date night.Do an online recipe exchange and enjoy the meal together via video chat.Reorganize or clean a room (or two).
Prepare a meal together with each family member having an important role!Recreate a swimming pool and take long bubble baths.Embrace quiet time and read a book.Live stream while gaming.Enjoy a book.
Take a stroll around the neighbourhood: take different routes.Make window art. Write words of encouragement or "thank you" messages.Set a time aside each week to do an activity you both enjoy.Have games night with apps such as House Party.Tackle that unfinished DIY project.
Challenge your family to a bake-off then have it for dessert after! Have two family members whip up a recipe and have the other members judge the final result.Make driveway and sidewalk art.Cook for each other with surprise meals. Check in on each other through social media.Deep clean the garage.
Make cleaning fun: provide everyone with a cleaning list and the one who crosses the most off the list gets a prize! Draw a map of your neighbourhood with "treasure" points of interest and follow the map.Spot your workout buddy! Workout together to stay active and motivated.Create a virtual book club.Make a list of activities you look forward to doing.
Have karaoke night: break out the old karaoke machine or search songs on YouTube.Create obstacle courses in your home or backyard.Create a virtual walk-and-talk: set aside time a few days a week to walk and talk on the phone.Enjoy a good night's sleep.
Do theme weeks where activities and meals centre around the theme, such as pirate week!Make use of online educational resources such as Pete The Cat, Cosmic Kids Yoga, and the Cincinnati Zoo. Relax. You are home and you are safe.

This is an ongoing guide. If you’d like to share your ideas with us, fill out the form below! No activity big or small will be overlooked!

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