Kid-Friendly Meals at Your Manning Town Centre

At your Manning Town Centre, we put your kids first! And if you’ve been to one of our events, you know this is certainly the case. We understand how busy it can get and that even mealtime can be a constant struggle. To help you out, we put together a list of kid-friendly items offered by our restaurants! Think of it as a cheat sheet… perhaps you’re tight on time, you want to change things up, or maybe you want to enjoy a meal at a restaurant that appreciates their little customers too. Bookmark this page and let’s get to eating!

The Chopped Leaf

Bring in your little ones (10 & under) to The Chopped Leaf for a nutritious and fun meal for just $5.50! Our pick? The “Chickie Quesadilla” which includes whole wheat tortilla, chicken, cheddar, & ranch dip on the side. With a kid-friendly item like this, it’s hard not to feel like a super-kid with this pick!

Photo credit: The Chopped Leaf
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Quizno’s Subs

If you’re a Quizno’s fan, you may have heard of “Quiz Kidz“, Quizno’s kid-friendly combo which includes a “Quiz Kidz” sub, juice, and snack for just $4.99! This all-encompassing deal is the perfect quick lunch for busy shoppers!

Photo credit: Manning Town Centre
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Edo Japan

Say hello to the “Lil Ninja Pac“! Your kids receive the Ninja experience with the diet of a ninja… choose from noodles or rice, with veggies and a choice of protein! Plus, each experience comes with a temporary ninja tattoo. It doesn’t get any sneakier than this!

Photo credit: Edo Japan
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Pasta Pantry

What’s the best way to start the week? How about kid’s pasta for $1.99 every Monday with the purchase of a regular or large entree? We repeat… $1.99! And with school out for the summer, Pasta Pantry is extending this offer for every day in July and August! With pasta made in-house every day, this family-owned restaurant will make you and your kids feel like family. Let’s eat!


Photo credit: Instagram @pastapantry
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We all heard of the classic Happy Meal. With McDonald’s in your Manning Town Centre being open 24 hours a day, rest assured you can always pick up happiness any time of day.

Photo credit: Instagram @savymomandchloe_lifeadventures
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It’s hard not to be a fan of Greek food with mouth-watering items like souvlaki, pita, and tzatziki. Luckily, OPA! of Greece specializes in bringing Greece to you. Ask OPA! about their kid’s meal which includes all of the above plus a choice of drink!

Photo credit: Instagram @lindseybissett
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Boston Pizza

From “Bugs n’ Cheese”, “Pint-Sized Pizza“, and “Super Spaghetti”, your kids (and you!) will enjoy an endless amount of fun at Boston Pizza. Tip: come in on a Tuesday for Pasta Tuesday for the adults and the kid’s menu for the kids!

Photo credit: Boston Pizza
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With vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the Kids’ Pak at Subway is packed with flavour and punch (in other words: juice!). An easy to-go meal, make Subway your choice when you’re also picking one up for yourself! Now that’s a win-win!

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Photo credit: Subway Canada
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And there you have it! A non-exhaustive list of kid-friendly restaurants at your Manning Town Centre. Be sure to bookmark this page for when you’re in a pinch!

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