What is Lunar New Year?

Manning Town Centre would like to send well wishes to those who are celebrating Lunar New Year! The year 2020 marks the “Year of the Rat” which symbolizes a year of success in wellness and material goods for those who were born in this zodiac animal’s year  (1972, 1984, 1996, 2008).

For those who would like to learn more about Lunar New Year and what zodiac animal you are, read on!

When is Lunar New Year and who celebrates it?

Lunar New Year follows the lunar calendar which means the date of the new year aligns with the first new moon of the year and ends on the first full moon 15 days later. This year, it begins on Saturday, January 25th! Commonly known as “Chinese New Year”, Lunar New Year is celebrated by 20% of the population, including those of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, and Malaysian descent.

How do you celebrate?

Lunar New Year is traditionally a time to honour gods and ancestors. It is also a time for family to come together to feast. Lion dances are performed around the new year to bring in good luck and ward off evil spirits.

What’s with the number “8” and these red envelopes I always see?

Just like how the number “13” can be seen as unlucky in some cultures, the number “8” is seen as lucky in Chinese culture! The pronunciation of “8” in Chinese resembles the word for “fortune” and therefore the more 8’s, the better!

Red envelopes, or “hong baos”, are red envelopes with “lucky” money and are given by adults to children for luck. Amounts given vary and are usually left to personal preference.

I wasn’t born in the “Year of the Rat”, which zodiac animal am I?

Take a look at the chart below!