Desserts, Donuts and Delights: The Sweet Side of Manning Town Centre

Desserts, Donuts and Delights: The Sweet Side of Manning Town Centre

Celebrating a milestone? Planning an unforgettable date night? Organizing a family outing? There’s something in Manning Town Centre that can make any occasion sweeter – and that’s dessert! 

Maverick’s Donut Shop

At Maverick’s Donut Shop, they believe that every moment calls for a dash of sweetness. Their shop is a haven for donut enthusiasts. From classic childhood flavours to adventurous gourmet creations – there’s something for everyone! Maverick’s also boasts a large selection of delicious vegan donuts. 

You’ve gotta try: Cherry Cake Glazed Donut 

The Canadian Brewhouse

Don’t let the pub atmosphere fool you! Being perfect for large groups, no one will have to miss out on an invitation to enjoy their delicious menu options. Did you know they even make in-house cotton candy for their kids’ meals?

You’ve gotta try: Caramel Chocolate Dessert Poutine 

D-Spot Dessert Cafe 

At D-Spot, dessert becomes a delightful journey into a whimsical world of creativity! Their menu is seemingly endless and contains every possible sugary creation you could imagine. Their colorful dishes and extravagant milkshakes are sure to make it onto your Instagram page. One of a kind and always delicious, D-Spot is your one stop dessert shop!

You’ve gotta try: Cookie Butter Heaven Croffle

Brown’s Socialhouse

Known for its warm ambiance and savoury dishes, Brown’s also delivers when it comes to desserts! This makes it the perfect pre or post movie stop, or an all-around great choice for date night. All three of their desserts are made in-house and are so delicious that it will be hard to choose only one!

You’ve gotta try: Oreo Cookie Jar 


If you’re looking for a quick drive through treat, there’s no beating a classic McDonald’s ice cream cone. However, the menu has expanded over the years to include a plethora of treats that cater to every craving!

You’ve gotta try: Smarties Mcflurry


Whether you’re a fan of classic sweets or exotic flavours, these dessert spots have something for everyone. So next time your sweet tooth is calling, answer it at Manning Town Centre!